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Setting up the 1:1 meeting
Understanding the 1:1 meeting ritual
Understanding the 1:1 meeting ritual

Take your management to the next level with great 1:1 meetings thanks to Popwork

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The questions of the 1:1 meeting

6 questions are asked to each of your team members at the frequency you chose

[Mood] How was your week?

[Workload] How is your workload?

[Achievements] What are the notable things you have achieved since your last check-in?

[Priorities] What are your priorities until next check-in?

[Challenges] What challenges or roadblocks are you facing?

[Others] What else would you like to add or discuss?


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The 1:1 meeting in a nutshell

  • Why: turn your weekly 1:1 meetings into meaningful and efficient conversations

  • How: Popwork will ask 6 simple questions to your team members to prepare for the meeting and will then help you to follow up on next steps

  • When: weekly, biweekly or monthly

  • With whom: one-to-one, with each of your team members

Why use it with your team

This 1:1 meeting ritual will help you turn your weekly 1:1 meeting into meaningful, prepared conversations.

It's a must have to drive great one-to-one meetings and focus on what really matters.

It will help you to:

🌈 Get the pulse on your team and know how everyone is doing

⭐ Identify key achievements and the challenges your team may be facing

🎯 Stay in sync on current priorities

What questions will be asked

Popwork will ask 6 questions to help you surface the right topics.

Managers can also customize the 1:1 meeting questions for their team members.


Your team members will be invited to check in on the day and at the frequency you chose. We recommend setting it the day before each 1:1 meeting.

How to activate it

This ritual is activated by default when you start using Popwork.

To manage your team settings, go to Team settings tab.

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