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Authentication with Microsoft
Authentication with Microsoft

How to allow users to login through their company's Microsoft account

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Users can log in with one click through their Microsoft account.

When connecting for the first time, the user will be asked to authorize the use of Microsoft to connect to Popwork.

Access blocked by administrator

If access is blocked by your company's Microsoft administrator, we invite you to contact them to request validation of the Popwork application.

The Microsoft administrator (Azure Entra ID) can give his "administrator consent" by approving a user's request or by connecting to Popwork himself and checking the box "Give consent on behalf of your organization".

Authorizations granted

By giving consent (individual or administrator on behalf of the organization) the user authorizes Popwork to access the following information in order to enable the authentication:

  • Profile: View user's basic profile

  • Email: View user's email address

  • Authentication: Sign in user

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