Workload score

How the workload score is calculated

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The workload score is directly based on team members 1:1 responses.

On this basis we score the result on a scale from 0 to 5 which defines whether this workload is good, mixed or bad:

  • Good workload: "All good" answer (scored 5)

  • Mixed workload: "I can do more" OR "I have a lot to do" answers (scored 2.5)

  • Bad workload: "Not enough work" OR "Too much work" answers (scored 0)

For a selected time period, the average score is computed per user first and then for all the people in the selected perimeter, if applicable.

This workload scoring method allows Popwork to provide managers and admins with a comprehensive view of workload evolution and distribution over time. This also helps to triggers workload alerts on people.

As a reminder, the manager still have the raw response from their team member and is only provided with the score to get some historical perspective.

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