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Sharing answers with several users
Sharing answers with several users

Grant access to a dotted-line managers or N+2

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It is sometimes necessary that a team member's answers need to be read by people other than their direct manager. This is the case, for example, when:

  • a team member has two managers (co-management, dotted-line management, matrix organization)

  • a team member has different managers depending on the projects or missions

  • a manager n+2 wants to see the answers of a team member n-2

  • etc.

This is why Popwork allows you to give access to the answers of team members beyond their direct manager.

This access can be granted (and removed) by the manager or the team member from the area located at the top left of their shared workspace. To do this, simply click on the icon indicating the people who have access to the shared workspace

then 'Give access' or 'Remove access':

Users who get access to the workspace will be able to read future answers and feedback between the manager and the team member in relation with their management rituals (1:1 meetings, objectives, coaching conversations). However, these users will not have access to the prior historical data of the manager and the team member.

These users can also comment on the team member's answers, managers' feedbacks and related action items.

Before answering the questions to a management ritual, team members will clearly see with whom their answers will be shared:

In case the team member has a new manager, the access for other users must be given again by the team member or the new manager.

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