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Receiving notifications in Slack
Receiving notifications in Slack

How to connect Popwork to Slack

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Integration overview

Connecting Popwork to Slack simplifies the management of notifications and centralises alerts in your Slack workspace.

You will get notified on Slack when:

  • You’re invited to prepare a 1-to-1 meeting

  • You receive answers in preparation of a meeting

  • Someone shares feedback with you

  • New comments are made by your team

Once the app for Slack is set, login and account notifications are still sent via email.

Installation guide

Follow these three steps to start receiving notifications in Slack:

1. Connect the the app for Slack from your settings

To connect the app for Slack go to Settings > Integrations and click on “Connect”.

2. Edit your notification preferences from your settings

Then go to Settings > Notifications to choose your notifications preferences.

3. Access notifications in Slack

You can access to the notifications from the "Apps" tab in the bottom left-hand side menu on Slack.

Need help?

Let us know in the chat or by email [email protected] if you need any assistance.

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