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How to create and manage objectives in Popwork?
How to create and manage objectives in Popwork?

Define and track the objectives of a team member in Popwork

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First step: define objectives

Popwork allows you to define and follow-up your team members’ objectives

The Objectives module is accessible by the manager and the team member from the shared workspace.

Popwork app's nav bar

Managers can access the objectives of all their team members in one click from the left side menu and add objectives from there. Team members can also access their own objectives from the same menu.

Popwork app's left side menu

To create an objective, click on Create Objective and define it in 3 steps:

  • Objective title: add a short title

  • Description: list the key results of the objective

  • Date: indicate the due date of the objective

Then click on "Add objective" to save the objective.

Managers can add several objectives for each team member.

How to define a new objective on Popwork

Step 2: track objectives

Once the objective has been created, Popwork will invite the team member to update the status of the objective at the frequency defined by the manager.

The team member will be able to choose a status (objective achieved, on track, late or at risk) and add a comment.

The manager will find the objectives update in the answers to the "Objectives update" ritual in the shared workspace.

He can also consult an overview of the status of their team's objectives in the Dashboard at any time.

Step 3: close objectives

When an objective reached its deadline, the team member is invited to close the objective, by ticking the "Close" box. The team member will be then asked to choose a closing status (objective achieved, partially achieved, not achieved, deprioritized) and share a feedback on the objective. The manager will then be invited to share his own feedback and confirm the final status.

The manager can also decide to close the objective of a team member from the Objectives module of his Popwork workspace. In that case, the team member will then be invited to share a feedback on the objective during the next objectives update.

Closed objectives are listed in the Objectives view > Archived tab of the shared workspace.

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