First step: define objectives

Popwork allows you to define and follow-up your team members’ objectives.

The Objectives module is accessible by the manager and the team member from the shared workspace.

To access the Objectives module, go to a team members's workspace and click on the Objectives button, located at the top in the center of your workspace.

To create an objective, click on New objective and define the objective in 3 steps:

  • Title: add a short title for the objective

  • Date: indicate the deadline

  • Description: list the key results of the objective

Then click on "Add objective" to validate and save the objective.

It is possible to add several objectives for each employee.

Step 2: track objectives

Once the objective has been created, at the end of each month, Popwork will invite the team member to update the status of each of their objectives.

The team member will be able to choose a status (objective achieved, on track, late or at risk) and add a comment.

The manager will find the monthly objectives update directly in the team member’s check-in answers.

Objectives updates and monthly evolution are accessible at any time.

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