Les questions du check-in mensuel

When activated, 6 questions will be asked to each of your team members at the beginning of each month

[Satisfaction] Overall, are you satisfied with the pasty month?

[Workload] How manageable was your workload this month?

[Achievements] What was your biggest accomplissement this month? What are you proud of?

[Challenges] What was the main difficulty you faced this month? What could we do about it?

[Priorities] What would you like to have achieved by the end of the coming month?

[Misc.] What else would you like to add or discuss?


* *

The monthly check-in in a nutshell

  • Why: Each month, instead of the usual check-in, get your team members to reflect individually on the past month and plan for the next one

  • When: monthly, at the beginning of each month

  • With whom: one-to-one, with each of your team members

Why use it with your team

This monthly step-back ritual is very complementary to the usual weekly check-ins, which happen to be closer to the day-to-day execution.

It's a must have ritual which should help you step back together and hold a meaningful one-to-one discussion with a monthly perspective.

It will help you to

🌈 Get a clear sense of mood and workload evolution month after month

⭐ Pinpoint for each team member their main accomplishment and difficulty of the past month

🎯 Build alignment on what needs to be achieved by the end of the month

When during the month

Once activated, this monthly step-back template will be used for the first check-in of each month instead of the usual weekly (or biweekly) check-in template.

Put differently, there won't be two check-ins on that particular week but only the monthly check-in.

How to activate it

This ritual is activated by default when you start using Popwork.

To manage your team rituals, go to settings.

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