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Our mission at Popwork is to help you work better with your manager.

At the heart of Popwork are check-ins, a few questions about your work we ask you every week.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your check-ins. It will help you make check-ins useful for you and help you move forward with your manager.

1) Take 10 minutes to focus entirely on answering the questions

Set aside time each week to answer the questions. 10 minutes are enough time to cover each topic properly. Dedicate this time window entirely to your check-in. Focusing only on your answers will allow you to take a step back on past events, without being distracted by other matters.

2) Answer transparently

It is important that you are honest in your answers. Don't be afraid to talk about less positive topics if necessary. Regarding the Mood question, it can help your manager understand you better and adapt, enabling you to build a trusted relationship. Talk about your roadblocks, before they become real issues that are much more complicated to solve. This way, your manager will be able to anticipate and give you the help you need to continue to progress.

3) Stepping back on what you've achieved

Taking a step back doesn't always seem simple or obvious. Yet, it allows you to highlight your accomplishments when you fill out your achievements. This way, you take a few minutes to focus on positive outcomes you can be proud of and also take stock of the progress of your work.

4) Focus on your priorities

You probably have a lot to do in your work week. When you fill in your priorities, it is best not to put all the tasks you have to do, at the risk of spreading yourself too thin. Focus on 3 to 5 specific priorities max.

5) Talk about other topics that matter to you

There may be specific topics you want to discuss that you did not have the opportunity to address in the first check-in questions. Don't hesitate to bring them up in the last question. If they are important to you, it can only be beneficial and you will not forget them during the 1:1 with your manager!

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