With Popwork, you have a super intuitive workspace shared with each of your team members.

Popwork will help you manage all your 1:1 meetings with them thanks to a simple three-steps workflow:

1. Check-in by the team member

On Popwork, everything starts with the check-in.

The day before your one-to-ones, Popwork asks your team members a few questions about their mood, priorities, wins, challenges and any other topic they want to talk about.

In 10 minutes, the check-in helps your team step back and gives you the visibility you need.

2. Agenda by the manager

In your Popwork workspace, you will find all the answers to the check-in questions to help you easily identify important topics.

To help you prepare one-to-one conversations with your team members, you will also get a suggested agenda that you can adapt as you see fit.

3. Next steps together

At the end of the 1:1 meeting, you and your team members will be invited to define next steps.

Following up week after week on topics is made easy with Popwork.

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