Understanding how Popwork works

You are a manager and you want to understand how Popwork works?

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Popwork will help you manage all your 1:1 meetings with them thanks to a simple three-steps workflow:

1. Check-in by the team member

On Popwork, everything starts with the check-in.

The day before your one-to-ones, Popwork asks your team members a few questions about their mood, priorities, wins, challenges and any other topic they want to talk about.

In 10 minutes, the check-in helps your team step back and gives you the visibility you need.

2. Feedback from the manager

In your Popwork workspace, you will find all the answers from your team members to the check-in questions to help you easily identify important topics.

You can comment or react with an emoji on any answer from your team members. To help you prepare one-to-one conversations with your team members, you can also share feedback and your own talking points before your 1:1.

3. Action items together

At the end of the 1:1 meeting, you can define action items with your team members.

You can assign these action items to each other and check them when they have been completed.

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