How frequently do you take a step back on your work activity? 

Does your manager always focus on what matters when you catch up?

Could you improve the way you follow up together from one conversation to another?

Do you feel you are always on the same page?


Popwork is here to help you work better with your manager

What's a check-in?

A check-in is a simple step back and update routine between your manager and you.

It gives you the opportunity to share an update with your manager every week or two. To check in, you just need to answer a few questions on specific topics - it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes.

A workspace with your manager

Beyond helping you step back and share an update with your manager, Popwork helps you follow up on talking points or next steps more efficiently.

You will have access to a dedicated workspace with your manager where you will find your check-ins, and a note taking module to easily follow up on topics.

👉 The simplest way to understand what check-ins are is simply to check in!

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