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Popwork’s product roadmap
Popwork’s product roadmap

Understand in which direction the product is going

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We are now a team of nine fully committed to make Popwork better every single day.
Our mission is simple: help HR roll out a 360° and continuous feedback culture internally.

What's new?

Relevant product updates are shared publicly in our changelog.

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🧭 Where are we heading?

Popwork is on a mission to help HR roll out a 360° and continuous feedback culture in their company, instantly.

For the coming months, our core priorities are to:

  1. Encourage employees to share (or request) regular feedback with their team members, managers and peers

  2. Provide HR people with clear visibility and smart insights on their company feedback culture

  3. Connect Popwork with the company HRIS and internal tools

👀 What's coming soon?

We refresh our product roadmap at least every two months. Last update was early July, 2024.

We are currently working on a bunch of features and improvements to:

  • Automate user provisioning on Popwork connecting with any HRIS on the market

  • Enable employee to share feedback with their peers

  • Connect Popwork with Microsoft Teams

  • Provide HR with advanced analytics on feedback shared across their company

  • ...

💬 Have some feedback for us?

No matter how good or bad, we love feedback!

Popwork’s product roadmap is mostly driven based on usage we observe and feedback we continuously receive from our growing community of users.

So, please make us a favor and drop us a line in the chat or email us at [email protected]

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