We are now a team of eight fully committed to make Popwork better every single day.
Our mission is simple: help managers and teams work better together.

What's new?

Relevant product updates are shared publicly in our changelog.

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🧭 Where are we heading?

Popwork current product focus is to help managers and team members hold meaningful weekly one-to-one conversations and follow-up efficiently.

This is where Popwork started, with the primary purpose of turning these regular conversations into the most powerful management tool any manager could have.

Long term, we’re on a mission to build a scalable, yet super simple, people management solution which helps any manager or company leader unlock the full potential of their people.

For the coming months, this means our core priorities are to:

  1. Cover and frame all key management conversations for teams (ritual templates, objectives, smart action items, ...)

  2. Support and upgrade managers, HR and C-levels with data on their people (more people insights, org chart visibility, contextual advices, ...)

  3. Deploy and scale management best practices at team and company level (integration into flow-of-work, user management, ...)

👀 What's coming soon?

We refresh our product roadmap at least every two months. Last update was early September, 2022.

We are currently working on a bunch of features and improvements to:

  • Provide users with an easy access to their action items

  • Improve the way you can track and manager objectives

  • Provide managers with a library of conversation templates they can schedule with their team members

  • Integrate into our users' flow-of-work (eg. calendar, Slack)

  • ...

💬 Have some feedback for us?

No matter how good or bad, we love feedback!

Popwork’s product roadmap is mostly driven based on usage we observe and feedback we continuously receive from our growing community of users.

So, please make us a favor and drop us a line in the chat or email us at [email protected]

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