The Popwork feed is where you can read answers to check-in questions from your team members, share talking points for upcoming one-to-one meetings and define action items to follow up from one meeting to the next.

For each one-to-one conversation, you will find a card on the Popwork feed. Each one-ton-one card is composed of the team members’ check-in on top of which you can add your talking points and then add action items at the end of the conversation. All cards are sorted in chronological order, starting with the most recent at the bottom. Simply scroll up to read cards from previous weeks.

When a member of your team completes a check-in, a check-in card will be populated in your shared workspace feed. To add talking points, simply answer the question “What else would you like to add or discuss?”. Finally, at the end of the conversation, click on “+ Add action item” if you wish to add action items.

The feed can also be used to step back and to visualise historic answers. To focus on answers to a specific question (e.g. Mood or Achievements), use the Views drop-down menu at the top of the feed and filter by category. You will then visualize all historic answers for this question.

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