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Adding/removing team members in Popwork
Adding/removing team members in Popwork

How to manage, add or remove my team members on Popwork?

Updated over a week ago

As a manager you can add or remove team members at any time to your team.

To do so, go to the Team settings section (in the left menu) section of your Popwork workspace.

To add a team member, click on + Add a team member and then fill in the information and check-in parameters of the team member.

To remove a team member from your team, click on Remove.

When removing a team member from your team, the team member will no longer receive check-in requests from you and will be removed from your Popwork workspace. You will nevertheless still have access to the historical answers of the team member in the Archived relationships section at the bottom of the left panel of your Popwork workspace.

Check our privacy policy to get more details on how the data of removed users is handled.

As a team member, to delete your account, please contact your manager.

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