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Answering a check-in
When to complete a check-in on Popwork?
When to complete a check-in on Popwork?

Understanding the check-in window

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The check-in is about stepping back regularly and giving the team member a structured channel to update his or her manager.

The check-in window

The day and frequency of check-ins are set by the manager for each team member. The check-in can be completed on a time window of 36 hours. It opens at 08.30 on D day and closes at 20.30 on D+1.

Popwork pending check-in window

This check-in window on Popwork creates a habit and preserves these regular step back moments between managers and team members. Nevertheless, it’s possible to complete a check-in ahead of time or after its due date.

Complete a check-in in advance

To start answering the next check-in in advance, team members will need to click on Prepare on the upcoming check-in card.

Check-in answers are automatically saved as a draft after each step and it is even possible to share the check-in in advance.

Complete a check-in in advance on Popwork

Complete a missed check-in

To complete a past check-in that has been missed, team members simply have to go their Popwork workspace click on Complete late on the corresponding check-in card.

Complete a missed check-in on Popwork

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