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Updating the status of a Popwork objective
Updating the status of a Popwork objective

Meaning of on track, behind and at risk statuses on Popwork

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In Popwork, each month, team members are asked for a quick review and update of the status of their objectives.

An objective’s review is done at the frequency selected by the manager. (Team settings > Objectives update > Edit frequency) As a team member, you can update the status of an objective and add a comment.

  • Status is your confidence in achieving your objective on time. Status reset every month so that you can refresh your perspective.

  • The comment section is where you can share a qualitative and quantitative update to explain the status you’ve chosen and share key information with your manager.

Updating the status of an objective

To update the status of an objective, simply choose one of the classic Red, Amber or Green (RAG) options in the drop-down menu:

  • On track means "I’m confident I’ll deliver the objective on time"

  • Behind means "I’m late versus due date or slightly below objective"

  • At risk means "I’m not confident to deliver on this objective, because of a significant delay or gap in performance"

Beyond the RAG, you can also mark an objective as "Achieved" when the objective has been reached or "Close" because it has been achieved in last check-in or it has been cancelled by your manager or organisation.

Adding a comment to a status update

Because a status update doesn't say it all, Popwork always asks to add a personal comment. To write a sharp comment:

  • Be brief: try to focus on the key information pieces

  • Use tangible terms: your manager should immediately understand what’s going on

Practical tips

Reviewing an objective should be super quick:

  • Choose the right status

  • Write a short and sweet comment

Don’t forget that this is a quick update and that it’s always a good idea to review these objectives in person with your manager using your check-in as a reference or a discussion starter.

Don't: Behind → “I have a bad feeling about this project as too many pieces are loose.” or On track → "I am confident that we can reach our annual revenue target"
Do: Behind → “Product team updated product readiness for 20-Feb putting a February marketing launch at risk, March more realistic” or On track → "We are X% above our revenue target year-to-date and the pipeline for the rest of the year is strong."

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