Popwork features an “Objectives” module that both the manager and team member can access from the workspace.

-> Go to the Check-in feed and filter by Objectives.

Objectives are what you want to achieve in the medium to long term (e.g. next quarter). If you already have clearly defined objectives, no need to reinvent the wheel: simply copy-paste them into Popwork.

Objectives are composed of a short title, key results and an end date.

Short title

To write sharp objective titles:

  • Use expressions to convey endpoints and states

  • Use tangible and unambiguous terms. It should be obvious to an observer whether or not an objective has been achieved

  • Make it short and ambitious

Don’t: “Keep growing Z”, “Continue doing X” are not clear and easily measured
Do: “Ship feature B”, “Achieve X% growth on portfolio”, “Gain Y new users”

Key results

To set relevant key results:

  • Define around three key results per objective

  • Describe the outcome, not the activity

  • Set measurable milestones which, if achieved, will directly advance the objective

Don’t: “Analyse customer satisfaction”, “Participate in project A”, “Help team Z on”
Do: “Publish customer service satisfaction levels by June 2020”

End date

An objective must have an end date, which should be ambitious but realistic.
The end date should then help you to prioritize your work and reflect regularly on whether or not you feel confident to achieve or not an objective.

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