Mutual buy-in is the basis for any successful relationship.

This is why successfully getting your team on board is so important. Here are a few suggestions to help you make a strong start.

  1. Explain what this is about to your team members before adding them to Popwork. The more trust in the process you create upfront, the more your team members will see this positively and take part in the game.
  2. Prefer voice over email. We warmly recommend you to (briefly) introduce Popwork in-person rather than in writing, to make it more personal.
  3. Start from your context. Before explaining what Popwork should bring, remind your context and describe your shared pain points (e.g. unprepared 1:1s, poor follow-up, lack of visibility, difficulty to sync on priorities, difficulty to align on objectives). 
  4. Elaborate on the benefits. Once you share a mutual understanding of the current context, elaborate on:
    - The main mutual benefits (e.g. focus on what matters, better follow-up, always on the same page);
    - The benefits for your team member (e.g. channel to ask support, step back regularly, more autonomy, less reporting);
    - And finally the benefits for you (e.g. better and regular visibility, time efficiency).
  5. Answer questions, but also let Popwork do its part! Questions may pop up and it's important to answer them to show your commitment to make this a success. Nonetheless, don't try to answer too specifically about the details of how it works. Most of the time, all doubts and concerns are waived off after the first check-in and once you are using Popwork to better collaborate.
  6. Commit on the long-term. To deliver their full value, management routines need to last. Popwork is no different and you will reap more and more benefits over time. Commit to Popwork with your team over at least a few months if you want to unlock the full potential of the solution.

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